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Paso Robles - Geneseo District

Kerne Erickson

11" x 14" Fine Art Print

DISPLAYING: 11" x 14" Fine Art Print

11" x 14" Fine Art Print

Paso Robles - Geneseo District
American Viticultural Area

This Kerne Erickson giclee image depicts the Paso Robles Geneseo District AVA which is one of eleven sub AVAs in the Paso Robles AVA located just east of the 101 freeway. This region has hills that straddle along the northern end of the La Panza fault line. Known for its alluvial soils and a mixture of granite and gravel loam soil. A number of grape varieties grow well here that include Cabernet Sauvignon and Rhone. The wineries in this district are:
Arndt Cellars, Barr Estate Winery, Bianchi Winery, Bodega de Edgar, Brochelle Vineyards, Broken Earth Winery, Cass Winery, Clautiere Vineyard, Eberle Winery, Enfold Wines, Gelfand Vineyards, Glunz Family Winery & Cellars, Hug Cellars, Kolanu Vineyards, Lazarre Wines, Mitchella Vineyard & Winery, Paydirt Wines, Pear Valley Vineyards, Penman Springs Vineyard, Rendarrio Vineyards, Rio Seco Vineyard, Robert Hall Winery, Rockin' R Winery, Steinbeck Vineyards & Winery, Tobin James Cellars, Vina Robles Winery
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